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Cover for Vaccine against STRESS - Four shots
Isbn: 978-91-7578-019-1
Publisher: Visum Förlag
Psychology Medicine & Health Science
Accessible since: March 2024
Narrator: Anders Hedin
Length: 1 hour 32 minutes


Vaccine against STRESS - Four shots

Tired of tips and tricks to lower your stress level?

Interested in a new method that reduce your stress in seconds?

During the last decades we have used the wrong approach to handle stress. We have seen stress as something that is caused by external situations. Unfortunately, this is far to simple and only explains stress in one dimension.

Equally important is our inner stress caused by our own brain resulting in worry, dwelling and overthinking. During the last years the brain research has given us new techniques to take charge of our inner stress regardless of the outside situation.

In your hands (ears) you have a simple and easy to use method including four practical tools.

Please note that the four tools are slightly different and maybe you will find your favorite.

With this new knowledge you will not take away your stress, but you will be able to reduce it to almost half the level and feel so much better.

And please note that the method works on every outside situation because you reduce your inner stress by taking control of your oldest part of your brain. You will go from being a victim of stress to sitting in the drivers seat, totally controlling how your old brain reacts.


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