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Cover for Ten Minutes to Bed
Isbn: 978-91-9893-329-1
Publisher: Tomas Öberg AB
0-3 years Children's books with signs for hearing children
Accessible since: March 2024
Narrator: Nicole Karlsson
Length: 35 minutes


Ten Minutes to Bed

In a magical world full of dreams and excitement, there were special protectors called the Star Guardians. They had a very important job: to watch over the stars and keep everything in balance on Earth.

Among these guardians were four friends who were really special. There was Stella, who was brave and had eyes that sparkled like the sky. Then there was Leo, who was always smiling and never scared of anything. Luna was quiet but really wise, like the moon itself. And finally, there was Milo, who was super smart and loved studying the stars.

Together, these four friends went on amazing adventures. They explored forests, crossed rivers, and even went through dark caves. Along the way, they met all sorts of creatures, like friendly elves and tricky dragons. But no matter what challenges they faced, they always stuck together and helped each other out.

In this book of bedtime stories, you'll get to join Stella, Leo, Luna, and Milo on their exciting adventures. They show us that as long as we have courage and good friends, we can overcome anything!

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