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Cover for The secret of Kralitz
Isbn: 978-91-8715-528-4
Publisher: Grammofonbolaget
Short stories E-single Fantasy & Sci-Fi
Accessible since: January 2022
Narrator: Pierce Delgatto
Length: 20 minutes


The secret of Kralitz

A classic short story (novel) in the fantasy and horror genre.

The Secret of Kralitz
I was dining with my ancestors—the House of Kralitz!
Deep in my memories, I had not noticed our path, but now the dark forms of my guides paused beside a gap in the stone flagging, where a stairway which I had never seen during my wanderings about the castle led into subterranean depths. Down this stairway I was conducted, and presently I came to realize that there was light of a sort—a dim, phosphorescent radiance that came from no recognizable source, and seemed to be less actual light than the accustoming of my eyes to the near-darkness.

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